Canelo’s Lines Up Three-Man List For His Next Fight

December 7, 2023
3 months
Canelo's Lines Up Three-Man List For His Next Fight

Canelo Alvarez’s next fight has reportedly been boiled down to three names, none of which include David Benavidez.

Alvarez is coming off a win over Jermell Charlo, a 154-pounder who moved up two weight classes in order to take on the Mexican for his undisputed title. Unsurprisingly, the fight was one-sided, as the weight was a telling factor in Charlo not being able to inflict any damage with his punches.

In the aftermath, the attention turned to whether Alvarez would face Benavidez. The latter, however, had to get through Demetrius Andrade. The Mexican Monster did not disappoint as he stopped the American after six rounds. The win kept him as the WBC interim champion at 168, thus putting him in line to face Alvarez.

Who Will Canelo Face?

The WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman, however, refused to rush things by calling the mandatory. And now it appears that Canelo could have his eyes elsewhere. A fight against Terence Crawford would no doubt generate a lot of interest. However, expecting Crawford to go up three weight classes to take on Alvarez and win is extremely unlikely.

Weight classes do exist for a reason, which is why the power could be a telling factor even if Bud did manage to outbox the Mexican. In addition, when the talk was first announced, Canelo was open to facing Crawford if he moved up to 168. However, he backtracked on those comments by making it clear that he would not get the credit for a win. But moving forward, it would provide Bud with a huge payday.

“Crawford knows it’s the biggest payday of his life. What he’ll get against Canelo, he’ll never make in all his fights combined. Why would he call out Benavidez when he can fight Canelo and make double the money? He wants to make the biggest payday.

“Everybody has a chance, but I think he’ll put up a good fight. He’ll lose to Canelo, but he’ll put up some good rounds than [Jermell] Charlo did. [And] he’ll [Crawford] will fight. He’ll get knocked out, but he’ll get in some good rounds. He won’t b*** out. He’ll get knocked out, but he’ll put up some good rounds. That’s better than Charlo did. He’ll get beat, but at least try,” Robert Garcia said

Other Options

Meanwhile, a fight with Jermall Charlo may not go down well. The latter recently returned to the ring with a win over Jose Benavidez Jr. However, it was a victory over a smaller man. Meanwhile, the fact that he had been inactive for more than two years with mental health problems puts him at a disadvantage to get a win over Canelo.

In addition, facing Jaime Munguia may not prove popular. Although he is an undefeated Mexican, he has only fought at 168 on two occasions. Meanwhile, there are reports that he has agreed to face John Ryder. So the longer the Benavidez fights fail to get made, the more discontent boxing fans will show. And there is no getting away from that.

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