Boxing’s Controversial PED-Approved Tournament

February 12, 2024
5 months
Boxing's Controversial PED-Approved Boxing Tournament

Ex-boxing world champions could take part in a new-approved PED tournament set to take place in 2024. 

According to reports, now-retired boxers can join the ‘Enhanced Games.’ Under the rules, fighters would be allowed to dope under conditions deemed ‘safe,’ a venture that billionaire investors have supported. While that may be the case, the venture is controversial due to the nature of PEDs in boxing. Conor Benn has been the main boxer who has failed a VADA testing recently.

The British boxer failed two tests for Clomiphene. The substance is known for being used to hide other substances that are in the body to cover a steroid cycle. Since his two failed tests, Benn’s power has never looked the same. He failed to stop Rodolfo Orozco and Peter Dobson from going the distance in those fights. Given the controversy caused by Benn’s scandal, getting a PED-approved tournament may not go down well. But there is an argument that since most boxers are using PEDs, it would create an equal-level playing field. 

PED Tournament

“Let’s be clear. Drug testing is about fairness, not safety. The Enhanced Games aims to be the safest sporting event in the world. At the Enhanced Games, we prioritize athlete safety. In partnership with top scientists and clinicians, we are developing a full-system medical pre-competition screening protocol – to protect athletes competing in the Enhanced Games.

 “When used correctly, the inclusion of performance enhancements can significantly positively affect the results of training and exercise routines. Simply put, performance enhancements augment the effects of training. Enhanced is here to free science and sport from those who would rather it be shackled,” President Dr Aron Ping D’Souza

The boxing community has made other changes in the sport, which have equally been controversial. USA Boxing introduced a ‘Transgender Policy,’ allowing male boxers who have transitioned to fight in women’s boxing in 2024. This was under the following conditions. If the boxers are under 18, they must fight under their gender from birth. Elsewhere, the following conditions must be satisfied. 

They would have to undergo gender reassignment surgery, hormone testing, and then express their gender. They must undergo hormone testing every three months. The evidence of this must be given to USA Boxing for a minimum of four years after testing. The level of testosterone has to be under five nmol/L for a minimum of four years before their first competition. Those levels must be under five nmol/L for that whole time to be recognized as female. That resulted in intense backlash from other boxers. 

Other Reforms

“This is wrong on so many levels. I will never agree to this… it’s bad enough having trans women breaking records in other sports like track and field, swimming and powerlifting but it’s a bit different to them breaking our skulls in combat sports where the aim is to HURT YOU not just break a record…however I think it’s wrong in ALL SPORT… I have nothing against trans but can’t be skewing the line in sport…. You don’t see reference or debates for transmen in sport… cos it’s not a threat.

“It ain’t just about the test levels what about their bone density and a heap of other biological factors. Cutting your bits off and adding boobs won’t take back the masculine maturity your body has gone thru before you decided you are now a woman. #ISaidWhatISaid,” Eddie Bridges

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