BKFC56: Mike Perry; Three Titles Fights

November 29, 2023
6 months

Mike Perry is going to Salt Lake City for his fourth fight in BKFC. The former UFC fighter is in the main event, but not before three title fights have concluded! Christine Ferea is set to defend her Flyweight Championship against the Australian challenger, ‘Rowdy’ Bec Rawlings.

MMA Veterans Collide in Main Event, Perry against Alvarez

MMA news websites have long followed the trials and tribulations of Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry. The former UFC fighter amassed some impressive wins against the likes of Paul Felder and Alex Oliviera. He parted ways with the company in 2021, leaving with a 14-8 record. Perry isn’t everyone’s favorite fighter, having attracted negative publicity in the past with domestic violence allegations and altercations taking place outside the cage. Since leaving Dana White’s company, Perry has started to work with BKFC, where he is 3-0.

Across from him is another MMA veteran, Eddie Alvarez. He holds the distinction of being one of the few fighters to compete in the UFC, Bellator, and ONE Championship. After slipping to 30-8 in his record, he decided to try bare-knuckle boxing. One fight in, he’s got one win on the board. Could he get another here against Perry? Alaverez has already gone on record and said that Perry is too slow to compete with him.

Rothwell Fights Debuting Duffee

Ben Rothwell has made online boxing news by winning his first two BKFC fights by stoppage, as he’s shown that he can transfer his skills from the MMA world to bare-knuckle competition. It should come as no surprise, as this is a man who stopped Alistair Overeem back in 2014 with a series of punches.

Todd Duffee is a newbie to BKFC but not to fighting. This was a man who was consistently at the top end of the UFC heavyweight rankings as he had fights with both Alistair Overeem and Frank Mir. Duffee had stepped away from combat sports in 2019 only to appear on a KSW card in February 2023. He lost that bout, which led him to reconsider his fight game, as ten months on, he’s now making his bare-knuckle debut.

Rowdy Bec Gets Championship Re-Match

Rebecca Rawlings rose to prominence in the fight world in Invicta, where she was later called up to the UFC roster, subsequently participating on two Bellator cards. Her MMA record stands at 8-9, leading her to try another fighting discipline. While she lost her professional boxing debut match, she made a good start to her bare-knuckle career as she went 3-0 to begin with. Despite losing to Britain Hart, Rawlings got a Flyweight Championship bout against Christine Ferea back in April. The doctor stepped in after the second round, ruling that the Australian couldn’t fight anymore. She now gets another chance for the belt against the same opponent.

Rowdy Bec is one of the most outspoken fighters in the BKFC right now and openly talks about her activity on OnlyFans, a website commonly associated with lewd content. She has often said she ‘doesn’t give a fuck’ about what others think about it or what they think of her. If she wins here, they’ll have to think of her as a champion, that’s for sure.

Unlike her adversary, Ferea has very little experience in MMA. She had three fights in Invicta and left after getting a 1-2 record. Immediately after, she ditched the discipline to focus on bare-knuckle boxing, having been in the BKFC since 2018. Ferea usually likes to make trending boxing news with her wins, having won four of her last five by stoppage.

Featherweight Championship; Undefeated vs. Lightning KO

The BKFC Featherweight Championship hangs in the balance as Kai Stewart defends the belt against Howard Davis. One interesting synergy between these fighters is that they’ve both participated in and won one match within another fight discipline but have since focused on bare-knuckle competition.

Stewart won the vacant title against Louie Lopez at BKFC 44 as the judges determined that he had done enough to take the title home, as he remains undefeated in the BKFC with a 4-0 record. That record could come under fire against Davis, a man who has been on a rampage throughout the featherweight division. He defeated Eduardo Peralta in 92 seconds in June, while Jeff Chiffens only lasted 72 seconds in August – both ended abruptly by knockout. Could it be a quick title fight here?

British Redemption for Bad Night in Leeds

When the BKFC visited Leeds, England, it was supposed to be a showcase of British bare-knuckle fighters. However, for the most part, the local fighters were exposed to the visiting combatants from overseas. Mick Terrill might not be able to right all the wrongs here in Salt Lake City, Utah, but he can get some redemption against the Americans if he defeats Arnold Adams and takes home the BKFC heavyweight championship, which is currently vacant.

Terrill is 6-1 in his BKFC career but has a rich fighting history, having started as a kickboxer before transitioning to bare-knuckle fights in BKB in his homeland. The only sizable roadblock stopping him from winning the title is the man who gave him that prior L, Arnold Adams. The two fought back in 2021 when Adams scored a second-round KO win.

Have you heard of Arnold Adams before? He’s certainly been around the MMA and bare-knuckle scene for a while now, having fought his first pro fight back in 2013. While Arnold defeated Terrill before, the American came up short in his last fight for the heavyweight title against Alan Belcher, who has now left the company. Can he defeat Terrill again and get over the strife of having lost his last championship fight?

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