Benavidez Blasts Canelo For Wanting $200 Million – ‘A Disgrace To Mexico’

March 21, 2024
3 weeks
Benavidez Slams Canelo For Wanting $200 Million - A Disgrace To Mexico'

David Benavidez has mocked Canelo Alvarez after he claimed he wanted $150-200 million to fight him.

Canelo’s comments were made in response to suggestions that he was ducking the Mexican Monster. Alvarez infamously stated that he did not want to fight Mexicans because he represented Mexico. But that all changed when he agreed to accept a fight with Jaime Munguia. Munguia is also an undefeated Mexican like Benavidez, but he is seen as far less of a threat.

Team Canelo and Team Benavidez have accused each other of not trying to make the fight. Benavidez’s side claimed that they agreed to take $5 million to make the bout. Meanwhile, Canelo’s trainer, Eddie Reynoso, stated no offers had been made. When Canelo was asked if he would fight Benavidez, he stated that the Mexican Monster had nothing to offer. But Alvarez did not qualify that statement by demanding a huge amount of money.

Canelo On Benavidez

“You know he he brings he bring nothing to the table for me; just he brings just 25 pounds more in the night the the fight…but if he if if some promoter, not him, because he’s nothing to offer me…but I one promoter who I work to they come and say I offer to I offer to you 150 to 200 million. I fight tomorrow…that’s the only that’s the only reason I fight with him,” Canelo said 

Benavidez has hit back at those comments. The Mexican Monster has been waiting patiently as the WBC Super Middleweight Interim Champion, a position he has had for around two years. The WBC has not called the mandatory, nor has it decided to strip Canelo.

That has left Benavidez with a difficult decision to make. He could stick around at 168 and hope Canelo succumbs to the pressure to fight him. The alternative is that he moves up to 175 pounds to face Oleksandr Gvozyk for the WBC Light Heavyweight Interim Title. But in the meantime, Benavidez has blasted Canelo for ducking.

Benavidez Reacts

“Canelo, if I have nothing to offer, then why are you demanding that you get 150-200 million to fight someone who isn’t worth anything? Hopefully, after you make that 150 million, you have enough left over to buy a pair of nuts,” Benavidez stated 

Canelo’s comments may have been said to get Saudi Arabia involved in the negotiations. They are capable of putting up huge sums of money, something which they have already shown. Tyson Fury received approximately $50 million to face Francis Ngannou. He is also on course to make over $100 million for the Usyk fights.

The purses for Fury and Usyk were agreed without the need to make a purse split, giving the fighters exactly what they wanted. Since Canelo is a free agent, he could fight in the Kingdom. There is also an argument that Canelo is asking for a huge sum to price himself out. That way, he could save himself from the perception that he was ducking Benavidez. Either way, the pressure is on Canelo to make the fight.


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