Benavidez: Canelo Has No Choice But To Face Me

November 22, 2023
3 months
Benavidez: Canelo Has No Choice But To Face Me

David Benavidez has revealed that Canelo Alvarez will have no option but to fight him if he gets past Demetrius Andrade

The Mexican Monster will face Andrade on November 25th, 2023, with the winner becoming the official mandatory to face Alvarez after it was ordered at the WBC Convention. Therefore, Alvarez would have to face Benavidez or vacate the belt.

If Canelo were to do the latter, it would fuel the claims that he had been ducking Benavidez. The latter has been a WBC mandatory for over one year, which is why the fight has been long talked about. And that has put all the pressure on Canelo to fight or face the scrutiny of the media. 

Benavidez On Canelo

“There’s going to be no other direction for Canelo to go because after what I do to Demetrius Andrade on Saturday, people are going to go. That’s the only fight that they want to see…I don’t want to send no send a message to him. I feel that whenever that fight happens, it’s going to happen.

“I’m not going to go nowhere, I’m going to continue to beat all the fighters in front of me, and that fight [with Canelo] is definitely going to be made. I feel like they know what’s going to happen with two quality Mexican fighters in the ring. You get the best of the best, and you definitely get a war. I think people in boxing want to see the best fight the best in every weight division,” Benavidez said

Benavidez’s Other Options

If the fight did materialize, then it is possible that it takes place on Cinco Co de Mayo Weekend or Mexican Independence Day. And at stake would be the best Mexican fighter of this era, as well as the best super middleweight.

Benavidez has twice been a champion at 168, showing that he is capable of crossing the line at the highest level. But when it comes to Canelo, the boxer has only lost two fights in 60 bouts. Those were against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Dmitry Bivol, who are champions in their own right. But in the event that the fight does not happen, Benavidez has lined up some other options. 

“We can definitely get a fight in with Morrell. That’s a great fight, too. Probably after Demetrius, Canelo, and Morrell, those are the only people I’m interested in at this point,” Benavidez

Nevertheless, Benavidez has spoken about his desire to move up to light heavyweight at some point in the future in order to target titles at the weight class. Dmitry Bivol has been mentioned as an opponent, which would reduce the time left to make the Canelo fight. But in reality, that is one of the biggest fights that can be made in boxing. However, Andrade has a chance to upset the apple cart. And by being a two-weight world champion, he does have the tools to cause an upset. 

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