Anthony Joshua Picks Jake Paul To Destroy Mike Tyson – ‘I Pray That He Comes Out Healthy’

April 8, 2024
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Anthony Joshua Picks Jake Paul To Destroy Mike Tyson - 'I Pray That He Comes Out Healthy'

Anthony Joshua has backed Jake Paul to beat Mike Tyson.

The two men will commence battle on July 20 in an exhibition, live on Netflix. While the fight is labelled an exhibition, Tyson clarified those comments, stating it would be a fight. This has raised speculation over how the bout will play out. Reports indicate both fighters could use 16-ounce gloves, rather than ten-ounce, to reduce the impact of the punches. There are also claims it could be fought under two-minute rounds.

“This is called an exhibition, but if you look up exhibition, you won’t see any of the laws we’re fighting under. This is a fight. I don’t think he’s faster than me. I’ve seen a YouTube video of him at [age] 16 doing weird dancing. That’s not the guy I’m fighting. This is a guy who’s really going to try and hurt me, which I’m accustomed to, and he’s going to be greatly mistaken. Right now, I’m scared to death. As the fight gets closer, the less nervous I become because it’s reality, and in reality I’m invincible,” Tyson said

Joshua Reacts

Since Tyson will be 58 when the bout happens, the three-decade age gap was a concern for the commissions, who did not sanction it as a pro-fight. But now that it is going ahead, Joshua felt Paul would have too much for Tyson.

“I personally think it’s really good. I think the boxing hardcore don’t like it because they think, ‘Why are they disrespecting our sport? [And] I think that person brings all these people into boxing, which benefits everyone else. Everyone viewing helps. He’s [Mike Tyson] older now. I pray that he comes out healthy. I think Jake Paul because of youth – that’s the only thing,” Joshua stated

Those comments are understandable, given the recent activity from both boxers. Paul has fought twice since last December. He secured two first-round KOs against Andre August and Ryan Bourland. While that may be the case, he did not spend much time in the ring, showing he may still be rusty.

Tyson’s Motives

As for Tyson, his last bout in any capacity was against Roy Jones. Jr. in 2020. The exhibition ended in a draw, but it showed Tyson could last the distance. Tyson and Paul will earn over $20 million each from the exhibition. This has raised claims that Tyson is fighting for the money. However, Tyson refuted those claims, stating he was ready for the challenge.

“I have a weird personality, but I don’t think it’s weird. Whatever I am afraid to do, I do it. I was afraid of the Roy Jones fight. But I was a hundred pounds overweight. I was 54, 53, and I said let’s do it. Anything I am afraid of, I confront it, and that’s my personality.

“Right now, I am scared to death, but as the fight gets closer, I become less nervous because it’s reality, and in reality, I am invincible. If I didn’t have these feelings, I wouldn’t go into the fight. I have to have them. Without them, I wouldn’t go in the ring. This is from my point of view. Me grabbing glory never for money only glory. I would never risk my health for money,” Tyson said 


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