Andrade Backs Spence’s Rematch With Crawford, ‘Boo Boo’ Targets History Himself

November 15, 2023
4 months

Demetrius Andrade has backed Errol Spence Jr.’s decision to take on the rematch with Terence Crawford. 

The ‘Truth’ was dominated in the first fight as he was stopped in the ninth round following three knockdowns in total. The defeat prevented Spence from becoming the first undisputed welterweight champion of the four-belt era.

But much more than that, there were calls on Spence to consider his future moving forward. After having become the unified welterweight champion, who has managed to secure big paydays, there were suggestions that Spence should avoid the rematch and focus on his health.

After all, prior to the fight, Spence had been through two car crashes. And one of those crashes had resulted in his retina being detached.

Therefore, the decision to take on the rematch did take some by surprise, except Andrade who backed Spence to chase greatness once again. 

Andrade On Spence

“There’s nothing wrong with him daring to be great again. Go, give it your second best, and whatever happens, happens. To lose against somebody who was undisputed in two divisions and that’s undefeated. You can’t get mad at yourself for losing against the very best person. It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Andrade

However, another defeat for Spence would be hard to stomach. After all, aside from the Crawford fight, Spence’s chances of securing bigger fights without a belt appear slim. In addition, another defeat would confirm the notion that he was not the best of his era. 

Andrade On Benavidez

Nevertheless, Andrade is fully aware of what it takes to aspire to be great. Despite being a two-weight world champion at 154 and 160, who is also undefeated, the 35-year-old still has aspirations moving forward.

Reports indicate that talks are underway for a mega fight with David Benavidez. The ‘Mexican Monster’ is also undefeated at 168 pounds as both fighters could face each other for the right to face Canelo Alvarez for all the belts.

And given that Andrade could walk away from the sport by being satisfied with his feats, his following comments should be commended.

“Yes, his thing is him being strong, him being bigger. We’re all strong; we’re all big. Yeah, he can fight; he’s skillful. I know what holes I can get in there and create, and there are holes already there for the taking. It’s just that I have the ability to do that. And so come fight night, that’s what I’m going to do, is expose and show the holes. I have the ability and the will and the drive and the athletic-ness to be able to beat somebody like Canelo and beat somebody like David Benavidez,” Andrade

Ultimately, Spence and Andrade are attempting to go down as one of the best in their respective weight classes. Despite not being the favorites, boxing has shown that upsets can happen. And come fight night, both fighters will be ready to put on a show.

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