Allen Bullies Craig in UFC Fight Night Main Event

November 20, 2023
5 months

Paul Craig said during the lead-up to his middleweight fight against Brendan Allen that he was comfortable fighting off his back for 25 minutes if he had to. But the No. 10 ranked Allen made sure that Craig regretted any time the duo went to the ground. Allen did have to wiggle out of a tough spot in the second round, according to MMA latest updates.

Allen was in the top position and was attempting to sink in a choke but had to abandon the hold when Craig, who is ranked 13th, tried to lock up a calf slicer. Allen would end up transitioning to try and sink in a leg lock finish of his own. After a scramble, Allen was able to work his way to safety.

During the third round, Allen got Craig to the ground just 20 seconds in after a shot to the body and head. When Craig ducked to shoot, Allen threatened a guillotine. When Allen followed Craig to the ground, he was able to lock in a rear-naked choke that forced Craig to tap out. Allen has now won six straight fights, five of which came by rear naked choke.

Ribas Finishes Former Roommate

Amanda Ribas was desperate to get back into the octagon after getting knocked out by Maycee Barber earlier this year. One thing that Ribas was happy about Saturday was she was back down to 115 pounds, which is her more natural weight class. Ribas had fought Barber at 125 pounds.

Things didn’t look great early during her bout with Luana Pinheiro, who used to live with Ribas back in Brazil. Pinheiro opened the fight by throwing wild hooks. Pinheiro landed several of them that left large welts on her face. But any MMA news site will tell you that Ribas isn’t a fighter who wilts after absorbing punishment during a fight.

Ribas got taken down in the middle of the third round, and it appeared Pinheiro may steal a win. But Ribas turned things around. She landed a vicious spinning back kick that left Pinheiro dazed against the cage. Ribas then followed up with punches that allowed her to secure her first knockout win in eight years.

Ribas, who has four career KOs, last knocked out Jennifer Gonzalez Araneda at Max Fight 18 in 2016.

Hooper Didn’t Make Leavitt Sweat Getting Back to Wife

Jordan Leavitt has a baby on the way. He told the UFC before his lightweight fight with Chase Hooper that he would leave the minute he got the news she was in labor. The baby didn’t come before Saturday. Maybe Leavitt wishes they had.

In the fight with Hooper, both Leavitt and himself spent much of the early part of the first round in extended grappling exchanges. Hooper, however, would end up getting the upper hand. He would catch Leavitt in a rear-naked choke that forced Leavitt to tap 2 minutes, 58 seconds into the first round. It was the second-shortest fight on the card. Only Jeka Saragih’s catchweight knockout win over Lucas Alexander, which ended in 91 seconds, was quicker.

Trash Talk Backfires for Pearce

Jonathan Pearce will go down in UFC lore for his submission loss to featherweight loss to Joanderson Brito. During the second round, Pearce had taken Brito down and was in a dominant position on top. While peppering Brito with light punches, Brito verbally expressed his annoyance at being stuck in the position.

Pearce thought that would be a good time to talk trash. He told Brito if he didn’t like it, get up and do something about it. Unfortunately for Pearce, Brito took his advice to heart. Brito was able to get separation and work his way back to his feet. When Pearce tried to shoot again, Brito caught him in a ninja choke and dragged Pearce to the mat to finish the fight. Pearce was forced to tap out and eat his words. That is a sequence that will end up on many MMA news sites for years to come.

Hugging is a Sign of Weakness

Payton Talbott impressed on Dana White’s Contender Series and was given a quick turnaround on the main roster by fighting at bantamweight against Nick Aguirre. Talbott was given a quick reminder of why young fighters must be on their toes at all times. Aguirre took Talbott down and controlled the first round.

However, it became clear in the second round that Aguirre didn’t want to stand and trade with Talbott and was trying to keep things on the ground. At the start of the third round, Talbott gave Aguirre a look across the cage and made a hand sign to show he was going to break him. Aguirre hugged him at the start of the third round. 

Talbott then hit him with several stiff shots and wrapped up a rear-naked choke to get his first win on the UFC main roster.

Four Days Is Plenty of Notice

Myktybek Orolbai is a rarity among fighters who appear in the UFC. MMAfighting latest news shows that Orolbai was a betting favorite despite being offered a fight with Urdos Medic only four days before the fight card. While Medic clipped Orolbai in the first round, Orolbai was able to settle down and dominate with his grappling.

Orolbai would end up securing a second-round submission to pick up his first UFC victory. Here’s a look at the other fights not mentioned above:

  • Welterweight: Michael Morales win by decision over Jake Matthews, 30-27, 29-28×2
  • Bantamweight: Jose Johnson win by submission over Chad Anheliger Round 3, 4:49
  • Middleweight: Christian Leroy Duncan win by technical knockout (punches and elbows), Round 2, 4:24
  • Heavyweight: Mick Parkin win by decision Caio Machado, 29-28×3
  • Women’s bantamweight: Ailin Perez win by decision over Lucie Pudilova, 29-28×2, 29-27
  • Lightweight: Trey Ogden no contest (premature stoppage) Nickolas Motta
  • Catchweight: Rafael Estevam win by decision Charles Johnson, 29-28×3

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