Adesanya Open To Starring In A Hollywood Film

November 15, 2023
6 months

Israel Adesanya is open to the idea of starring in a sequel to the film ‘Talk to Me.’

The UFC fighter had the chance to meet the creators of the project. The film is based on a group of friends who end up conjuring some spirits, which has major consequences moving forward.

As for the current UFC middleweight champion Adesanya is one of the biggest stars in the sport. And the resulting impact has seen Adesanya expand his profile even more.

So much so that he had the opportunity to meet Danny and Michael Philippou, the two creators of the film. The first film was a major success, having grossed in over $63 million at the box office.

And after having met Adesanya, the film makers were left with a positive impression.

Adesanya’s Image

“We met Izzy! He was the coolest f******* person ever. He was so amazing. I feel nervous talking to him because it feels like I’m interfering with history. I just know he’s so iconic and he’s going to be remembered as an all-time great. Interacting with him is so strange. He’s the coolest guy ever.”

In the aftermath of that, Izzy was asked about the prospect of starring in a film. And the champion made it clear in no uncertain terms that he was willing to crossover into the world of acting.

Andesanya On Acting

“F*** yes. I watched the first one and my favorite horror movie of the year so far. It’s going to be hard to beat. Yeah, there’s some things I want to them about that movie personally but part two, f*** yeah, I’ll do it. Already, we’re in talks about doing another more on-brand film that I can’t talk about. “I’m all for it. There’s no fear or no danger if Izzy’s in the room! Imagine getting possessed by Izzy,” Adesanya

Adesanya’s Loss

Nevertheless, the focus must on ensuring that his fighting career comes first. But after having suffered a defeat to Sean Strickland, Adesanya has shown that he must remain focused on becoming a great within the UFC.

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